Thursday, August 11, 2016

Review of BORN SINNER by S.L. Jennings


Twenty-two years ago, I was cut from a cold, sodden womb, and cradled in the filth and poverty of Chicago’s concrete arms. Statistically, I wasn’t supposed to survive these streets past the age of eighteen.

Fate had a different plan.

I was bred for one purpose and one purpose only: to unleash death and destruction on my world.

My thoughts are power.

My words are weapons.

Evil created me then grace tried to save me. But first… they tried to kill me.
They call themselves the Se7en. They are sin and salvation, and everything we’ve feared from the beginning of time. And their leader is the deadliest of them all.

He doesn’t lose.

He doesn’t compromise.

And most importantly, he doesn’t distract himself with mortal weakness.

Not until me.

Kill one to save a million.

That’s what he told me when he took me as his prisoner.

Kill one to save a million.

That’s what he’s been trying to tell himself ever since he took me into his arms.

   We've read a plethora of books in our lifetime. Some soft, others hard. But we have never had one make us question ourselves so much. There are dark things lurking on every page of this book and we are happy to say that some of the things that should be a turn on, became a turn on (<-- This is the questioning ourselves part).
   There are parts we wished we could just jump into the book and take over for Eve ourselves. Not because she is weak and can't handle it, but because we want to be in her shoes. We want to be seen by L. We have never been so jealous of a character in any book as we are this one and for the life of us, we know we shouldn't, but can't help it.

   This book is everything you want and know you shouldn't. S.L. Jennings has floored us in a way that we aren't sure we can come back from it. This has moved to the top of the list of our favorite books by one amazing author. We can't wait for the next one, so hurry up lady so we can Sin some more!!!

If you haven't already, go add this to your Goodreads TBR NOW!!!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Human Intervention Review


TITLE – Human Intervention SERIES – The Intervention Series (Book #1)
AUTHOR – Faith S Lynn GENRE – Young Adult / Sci­fi / Dystopian
PUBLICATION DATE – November 28, 2015
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 250 pages / 50,000 words
PUBLISHER – Faith S Lynn
COVER ARTIST – Kari March Designs
PHOTOGRAPHY ­ Kevin Wright Photography



Some things in our lives we don’t put much thought into because we either think they don’t hold much importance, or maybe, we just don’t want to put in the effort to find out just how wrong our little worlds are.
My name is Sadie, and this is how I have survived all eighteen years of my life. I have ignored the things that I shouldn’t have, and didn’t ask the questions I should have. I am a Norm. Just an average Joe, living in a world obsessed with genetic enhancements.
He... he is everything. Gorgeous, smart, and a Norm as well. He is also my new science teacher. And when he came into our small little to, hell came with him.



She’s done it people… Faith has made it happen. 
We are literally on the edge of our seats waiting, wondering, and hoping (SCREAMING) for the next in this amazing series.  It’s a great thing when authors can step out of their ‘Norm’ (pun intended) and excel in something completely different.  Going from the soul crushing, broken spirit with ‘From Lies to Promises’, to making our (cough*) undies wet with want in ‘Ransom’, to discovering an entirely new world in what promises to be the best yet, ‘Human Intervention’.
Sadie comes alive as you watch her turn into a badass right in front of you as she truly finds out what a ‘Norm’ is.  Who is her true protector?  What all is her mom hiding?  Who else has lied to her?  Who is going to be the one to bring her back from everything she’s discovered?
If you are looking for an HEA… move on.  If you are looking for a story; which I hate to call it that, because it’s so much more… as you read you laugh, you cry, you scream as you throw your iPad across the room (possible personal experience).  You live it with them.  ‘Human Intervention’ is more than just a story… it’s a journey.  A journey that we would love to continue…  I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.  If you’re like us, that only happens every now and then.  You read the first of a series and you think ‘that was pretty good…’ and then you never buy the second one.  With ‘Human Intervention’ I knew within the first three chapters that I was hooked and the rest of the series couldn’t be published soon enough.
Even from the cover of the book, you can tell this wasn’t a quick, once over story.  This one had festered.  Faith brought it to life, and made it her own.  She dominated.  (hehehehe)  J
If you want a true recommendation and review here it is… READ THE DAMN BOOK, you can thank me later.



Elastic Heart – Sia
Mad at Myself – Issues
My House – PVRIS
Evolution – KORN
Give Me a Sign – Breaking Benjamin
My Way – Limp Bizkit
The Strays – Sleeping With Sirens
Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon
Meant to Live – Switchfoot
Runaway – Linkin Park
Drown – Bring Me the Horizon
Powerful – Major Lazor
Young – Hollywood Undead


I published my first book, From Lies to Promises in 2014. Since then I can't stop the stories from coming. Stories from all different types of genres, New Adult, Young Adult, Sci­Fi, and Fantasy.
I have an obsession with anything people consider odd and I can never get enough knowledge. I have an Associate’s degree in Business Management and I work full time as an account specialist.
When I'm not working or writing I am busy being a wife to the best husband of the freaking universe and mother to 3 majorly awesome kids! Reading, Xbox, cooking and WINE just barely scrape the surface of my favorite things. Everyone who knows me will say I am a nerd... and I would agree. Want to know a secret? I am a super hero. True story!



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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Mortal Enchantment Series

You know those books that you read and the author has a good idea, but can't seem to make it work and all you can do is read and cheer them on hoping they finally grab it?

I have to say that these books are NOT those. Stacey O'Neale took something we have read about dozens of times and flipped it completely around. The characters are well developed and the story is fast paced. This is what I look for in any read, something that is always moving. If there is down time and has slow spots I will skip over it, but didn't get much of that through any of these.

That being said I am only about a quarter of the way through the final book (Eternal Sacrifice). As soon as I finish I will be back with an update on the ending.

The first three books are rated at 4 1/2 - 5 STARS. If you are looking for something different and creativity, then go get these now!