Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Holding on to Love ~ Blog Tour ~ Review


Brody, Brody, Brody....  Oh didn't I mention Brody?
  He hits your heart like the bad boy that he is. But there is something deeper in him along with the secrets that Allyson makes him realize he's holding in.
What Allyson doesn't know is that he's about to turn her already messed up world (and life) upside down.
One night, one secret, one bad dream could ruin what they could have had.

  New author A.E. Neal done a really good job on her first book. A story about discovering life and love can still happen even after a huge loss. Written in a way that you don't see the disaster until it hits you in the face. We give Holding on to Love 3 stars for the effort and imagination it took to take it this far, but there was parts in the book that were pretty slow and it took effort to push forward.
Zac jumped up from the couch and grabbed her by the arm. She's fucking that asshole? I thought to myself briefly before my question was answered.
"Come on, sis. This is a night to celebrate! Brody just offered our band to play here exclusively for the next year. Fucking awesome, right?" Zac said.
Did I hear that right? Fuck me! She was his sister, hell yeah! She was his sister...oh shit! That would also pose a small problem. One I'm sure I can work through. 
"Yeah...great. That's awesome," she said with a plastic smile.
Bit by bit, I could see my little project turning into an even larger one every time she spoke or glanced at me. I couldn't quite put a finger on it last night, but something about her was all too familiar. My wheels turned as I tried to remember where I'd seen her or met her before and I kept coming up empty. It was going to drive me insane. 
She leaned into her brother's hug and I saw Zac whisper something to her. For a moment, I imagined her gripping me tight while I buried my cock in her. I smiled.
She cleared her throat and spoke loudly, "Alright, I'll come. But can you put the dog out next time? I wouldn't want to be exposed to any fleas...or STD's, for that matter."
What. The. Fuck? Did she really just direct that at me? Alright, Sweetheart. You wanna play that game? I'm all in.
I felt my heart race and let out an unnecessary growl before responding. "Well, excuse the fuck out of me. I don't believe I've had the honor of making your acquaintance, Sweetheart," I scoffed. "My name is Brody and I am the owner of this fine establishment." I opened my arms wide to show her what exactly belonged to me.

Every-fucking-thing, Sweetheart.

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