Monday, July 22, 2013

The Vampire Diaries vs. The Originals

Okay, Ladies. The Vampire Diaries. Amazing, right? I mean who can honestly get enough of Damon! Seriously look at him. (Yea, we are routing for Damon!)

Well what do you think about the new spin off series The Originals?
It takes place after Klaus, Elijah, and Rebecca take off to New Orleans, when some witches dare to threaten Klaus. I mean that is a brave bunch of witches to provoke THE Hybrid. We found out that the werewolf, Hayley is pregnant with Klaus's child and they will kill her if he doesn't help the witches have free rain over there lives again, from one of Klaus's protejes, Marcel.
(We were secretly hoping that Klaus and Caroline would finally get together. But I don't know how she'd take Klaus being a father by Hayley.)

How many of you planning on getting in double the time with all your favorite characters from TVD the fall with The Originals? How many of you are tuning in to catch it?

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